Harness the Power of Email & Social Media

Harness the Power of Email & Social Media

Despite the emergence of social media and its growing popularity, email marketing continues to deliver value to business. But that’s not to say that email and social media marketing have nothing to offer each other.

In fact, the opposite is true. When used together properly, email and social media marketing complement each other perfectly to help achieve your business goals.

Social media is great at generating exposure and building brand awareness. Just like email is excellent for lead nurturing and generating revenue. Bringing these two platforms together is easier than you think.

7 ways you can bring email & social together

1) Encourage subscribers to follow you by including social media links in your emails.
It’s not just enough to have a link in your email though. Be sure to actually “ask” people to connect with you and give them a reason to connect – say what’s in it for them.

2) Send dedicated email campaigns to invite subscribers to connect with you socially.
Include brief copy like “fan us on Facebook” and make it really clear what you’re asking subscribers to do. And for best results, offer an incentive to entice people to act.

3) Promote your emails to a wider audience using social media.
Post status updates on your social media pages each time you send an email newsletter. Provide a short overview of what the email is about and include a link to view your email online. Don’t forget to create excitement by telling people about the great stuff inside your email newsletter.

Post social media updates specifically asking people to subscribe to your email list. Include the link to your subscription form and don’t forget to give people a reason to subscribe. Tell them what they can expect to receive from you and how often.

4) Look for social media as inspiration for email content.
Listen to what people are saying on social media and use this as inspiration for content to include in your emails. This is a great way to ensure you’re sending email content that is relevant and interesting to your audience.

5) Cross promote exclusive deals across platforms.
Run competitions exclusive to email subscribers and promote them on your social networks (and vice versa). This is a great way to entice people towards connecting with you across multiple channels. Keep it easy for people to enter the competition by subscribing to your email list or joining your social network.

6) Make it easy to subscribe to your emails from your social media pages.
Make it easy for anyone viewing your social media pages to subscribe to your email list. In Facebook, include a custom tab for your email subscription form. In Twitter, include a link to your email subscription form in your profile. In your blog and website, embed your email subscription form at the top of the page.

7) Include “share with your network” (SWYN) links within your email.
Use button images as well as text asking people to share your content with their networks. Where appropriate use humour and incentives that encouraging people to share your content. Most importantly, ensure your content is “share worthy” and something people actually want to share. Test the placement of your SWYN links to find the best performing location in your email.

Want to learn more about the benefits of combining email with social media and to see examples of the above tips in action, check out Vision6’s free guide Email and Social Media Marketing – Harness the Power.

Matthew Johnson: EDM PpecialistAbout the author:

Matthew Johnson is the EDM specialist at email marketing software company Vision6. His work with Vision6 helps to educate marketers and business owners on how to create, connect and convert using the power of email, SMS and social media marketing.

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